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Our Purpose

The 'Mesmerize By Janelle' Brand Ambassador Program is a point based program that offers individuals an opportunity to become directly involved with the company. This program was created to allow individuals to be a face and voice representing the Mesmerize By Janelle brand.

What does a MBJ Brand Ambassador do?

Dazzling attitude? Self-motivated? Extroverted? Goal-oriented?

As a MBJ Brand Ambassador, our volunteers help socially promote the MBJ Brand in various ways. Open to individuals 18 years of age and older only. Our Ambassadors must have a minimum of 2 social media platforms with at least 5000 followers between the 2 platforms. Must be willing to post, tag and share, share, share! Ambassadors must promote 3 days (minimum) out of the week on any 3 days (minimum) of your choosing. Promotional media (for products, specials, advertisements, etcetera) will be sent to Ambassadors for posting purposes.


Ambassadors will receive products, at no cost, for review. These items can be kept after reviewing. Video reviews, 1 minute in length, are required for each product given. Reviews are expected to be given honestly, with respect to the Brand.

Each Brand post must consist of, but is not limited to: posting selfies with each new product received for review; tagging the MBJ website and social media page (relevant to each platform) with every Brand post of pictures, videos, live videos, etcetera. Positively promoting the Brand with selfies, videos and other

pictures is a must. Not following the guidelines expressed

will result in dismissal from the program :(

Staying in the Loop

Individuals selected to join the program will also receive a welcome box. 

Ambassadors will be first up to know about our new products and promotions.

Interested? Indeed :)
Continue Below to Apply
*Note: A copy of your valid ID/Driver's License is required for identity verification, DOB and address verification purposes ONLY.
MBJ Brand Ambassador Application
Getting To Know You
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Thank You For Your Interest In The Program!

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